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Your potions master is.....about to take his last breath! ~ Lord Voldemort

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 Dark Arts Class

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Cho Chang
Dumbledore's Army
Dumbledore's Army

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PostSubject: Re: Dark Arts Class   Mon Nov 22, 2010 7:06 pm

Cho: I thought for a second. My first instinct was to go to our common room, the one that made me feel so safe and secure especially among so many friends. I shook my head thinking myself silly. "We should go find them. We can't just sit around and do nothing. I mean we are apart of Dumbldore's Army after all." I started walking toward the door. I was aware that I was risking my life at this moment with all the Death Eaters around... I sure hoped Luna was too.

"I've been living to see you. Dying to see you but it shouldn't be like this. This was unexpected. What do I now?"

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Dark Arts Class
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