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The Order of the Phoenix (Admin)
The Order of the Phoenix (Admin)
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PostSubject: Summary!!!   Summary!!! EmptyThu Jul 28, 2011 3:14 pm

HPRPF Summary + Commentary from moi

This all started with Harry, Hermione and Cho walking up to Hogwarts. Ron was no-where in sight. No-one really cared though, because it's Ron... who cares about Ron? (jkjk. I LOVE RON. Even if other people don't....) They recruited Amber Bouyla, a 7th year Gryffindor, to the DA, and they all somberly entered the school. Snape freaked out that Harry was there, and dragged him off to the Headmaster's office. Really, Snape did. Then Harry came back and Hermione freaked out, asking if he was okay. There were then many trips to the Room of Requirement, ending with Harry dressing up as Draco and yada yada yada. You-Know-You came to Hogwarts, and so did the Order. Bill died. Bellatrix tried to kill Tonks. TDL threatened to kill Draco and Lucius. Ya know, nothin new. THEN everyone left. The Order went off to some place and Sirius showed his face. And stuff. Then people went to the Burrow where there was an epic showdown. Lots of people died. (Tonks, Fred, George, and Mulciber). The Order went to Andromeda Tonks' home, and the Death Eaters went to Hogwarts. Lots of other stuff happened. Remus killed Sirius cuz he was a traitor. You-Know-You and Bellatrix tortured the Greengrass sisters for being out of bed. Now they're in the Hospital Wing, the DA is being epic, Bellatrix, Lucius and Augustus Rookwood are now teachers at Hogwarts, Harry and Co. are trying to plan and You-Know-Who is plotting to kill the Malfoys.


Well, one and a half Malfoy is dead. Andromeda's house has become the temporary Order HQ, and the Trio + Cho are being attacked by several Snatchers and Death Eaters.


((If I missed any important information, remind me XD))

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Summary!!! Ginnys10
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